Welcome to Papertech

Based in Ireland we are a solutions provider and sales agency business.

For more than forty years we have been delivering unique technical solutions to complex packaging and membrane challenges across a range of industries including Medtech, Industrial, Building Materials and Food.

Matching challenges to innovative results can come from using plain paper, more technical mono-materials or complex multilayer combinations.

We work with demanding applications requiring robust physical protection, sterilisation, breathability or oxygen barrier for longer shelf life combined with more reliable, more affordable, and more sustainable options.

Our experience and range include ECO friendly materials in a very wide range of formats, plain or printed, with multi layered barrier features.

Our diverse customer base includes:

  • Building insulation membranes
  • Medical device and infusion liquid sterility
  • Unique laundry solutions
  • Food producers needing long shelf life and easy open
  • Point of sale material suppliers
  • The forestry industry
  • Agri, home and garden
  • The tape, fibre drum, food tray and filter industries
  • Form-fill-seal, horizontal or vertical machine users

Proud Partners

We are very proud of our long-standing partnerships providing local representation for leading international solution providers:

Our partners include:


Get in Touch

If you have a challenge, or if you are just looking to discuss an idea please contact us.

We only use a landing page because we prefer to talk to people, pick up the phone and give us a call.